Sustainable Internet(s)

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01 : A Voice Note From...

Towards Sustainable Internet(s)

An introduction to Issue 5 sent from Edinburgh by Lorna Pittaway, in-house 3D artist and editor of Intercitizens Weekly.  


02 : This Week’s Hyper-reading

AI and Climate Change: The Promise, the Perils and Pillars for Action

Written by Eirini Maliaraki   
Published by Branch Magazine on November 2020

“AI will not be a substitute for more integrative ways of knowing or even degrowthist political agendas — but rather, when used responsibly, can be an enabler that helps us move faster to a safe and just post carbon world.”

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Note for members of The Billion Seconds Institute: Throughout the week, we'll be discussing this article further in the Intercitizens Agora of the Campus.


03 : Interlude I

This is not the Amazon
By Astrid Feringa and Jean-Baptiste Castel


04 : What’s On

Upcoming Live Session:

A conversation around the ways we can be generous with our curiosity online, and how that can ultimately strengthen networks of solidarity, sustainability, and care.

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