05 : Q&A

Interthinking with
Anne Quito

Journalist, design critic and member of the Intercitizen Council, Anne Quito shares 4 links for expanding your interthinking

1. A piece of music that taught you something about collective intelligence and action:

Attaboy by Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer and Chris Thile. The piece is from the 2011 collaborative album The Goat Rodeo Sessions, featuring four genius musicians who improvise together.

2. A fact that more people should know about:

The term ‘sustainable design’ is a slippery concept fraught with misunderstanding.

3. A question that shaped how you approach your work/practice:

“Why does this matter?” It’s a question I try to answer with every article and investigation I embark on. While design is often characterized as an add-on that makes things nicer, I hope to demonstrate that it’s the fundamental scheme that can spell our progress or doom.

4. A perspective that helped you with long-term thinking?

“Envisioning a sustainable world requires a magnanimous imagination.…We have to realise that sustainability does not mean scarcity. In the future we are building, sustainability does not signify a lack of resources, but an abundance of reimagined resources.”

— Amanda Gorman, US Youth Poet Laureate, Shaping a Sustainable Future Society, Prada Group, 2019. Amid a panel of world-renowned experts, the youngest voice in the room had the most piercing insight.