04 : Q&A

Interthinking with
Charles Broskoski

Co-founder of Are.na, Charles Broskoski, shares four things for expanding your interthinking.

1. A piece of writing that taught you something about collective intelligence and action:

David Bohm, On Dialogue. It’s introduction to his concept of Dialogue which describes a process for having a group conversation with no real end goal, but which ends up manifesting a kind of collective intelligence.

2. A piece of music that more people should know about:

Playing Piano for Dad by h hunt.

3. A concept that makes you feel hopeful:

"There are no new ideas, just new ways of giving those ideas we cherish breath and power in our own living." – Audre Lorde

4. A collective effort that shaped how you approach your work:

Open source software. The idea that projects that incorporate more varied approaches and perspectives often are more interesting as a result.