07 : Weeklylinks

Being in Time

A selection of interesting links from our feeds

A Guide to Understanding Small Seasons
by Ross Zurowski

“Prior to the Gregorian calendar, farmers in China and Japan broke each year down into 24 sekki or “small seasons.” These seasons didn't use dates to mark seasons, but instead, they divided up the year by natural phenomena.”

Wandering Against Dominant Time
by Emilia Wang

“... a roaming and incomplete account of calendars and anti-calendars, of various rhythms and arrhythms, and alternate avatars where time shows its changing face.”

The Present – Day Moon Year

A trio of tools for living in greater harmony with nature. “By tuning our awareness to the perennial cycles of the day, the moon, and the year, we can rediscover the original nature of time — and a more holistic way of living.”