05 : Q&A

Interthinking with
Gauthier Roussilhe

Designer, researcher and Intercitizen Council member, Gauthier Roussilhe, shares four links for expanding your interthinking.

1. A project that deepened your understanding of the ecological dimensions of the digital economy::

For What It's Worth by Dillon Marsh. It takes photos of abandoned mining sites and, in 3D, adds back the ore extracted from the mine throughout its exploitation (copper, diamond, gold, platinoids). It's a great project to materialize the extraction from ecosystems.

2. A question that shaped how you approach your work/practice:

What do digital systems look like in a world stabilized at +2°C? This is the broad research scope in which my PhD is evolving. I've recently been looking at the nexus between Taiwan's semiconductors industry and its water cycle within this question.

3. A collective effort that more people should know about: 

Fairphone, /e/ OS, Telecoop (a phone coop) and Commown (a cooperative electronics rental service) joined together to propose a virtuous digital ecosystem. It's available in UK with the Phone Coop and in Germany with We-tell. I had the chance to help setting up the (sustainable) website.

4. A piece of music that makes you feel hopeful:

Bird's Lament by Moondog. From classical music and jazz to indian percussions, for me Moondog represents the joy of being uncategorisable. He thrived to reach something that I cannot really explain and made his own instruments on the way. I've selected a long version of its most famous composition but I encourage you to listen to other pieces.